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Aqua Natura Water Park Map Benidorm

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Aqua Natura Water Park, Benidorm, Spain

Aqua Natura Water Park Location

The water park is locaten 3.5 kilometres inland from Playa de Ponient one third from the Old town end of the beach.  Just to the north west of Rl Planet area of Benidorm.

To view location Zoom out  in the above Aqua Natura Map

The sister attraction Terra Natura Wildlife Park is located adjacent to the Aqua Naturawater park and a little furtherfrom the coast

Address is Foia,del Verdader, 1 (03502) Benidorm, Alicante province

Aqua Natura Water Park Video

Aqua Natura Water Park Introduction

Aqua Natura Water Park is a smaller compact park that covers an area of  40,000 square metres, approximatly 250 x 160 metres

La Cresta water slide, Aqua Natura Water Park

La Cresta Slide - Aqua Natura

La Cresta Slide - Aqua Natura

La Cresta water slide Description

La Cresta water slide is unique in the world in that it allows riders to experience the feel of zero gravity. This is achieved by having an 8 metre uphill section.

After doing a fast descent the riders inertia takes them past the uphill section before descending again into the pool. The feeling of zero gravity is felt as you come to the top of the uphill section.

Either 1 or 2 riders sit on a float for this chute.

See Location of La Cresta water slide on our Aqua Natura Map 

Wave pool, Aqua Natura Water Park

Lighthouse - Aqua Natura

Lighthouse - Aqua Natura

Wave Pool

Wave Pool

Wave pool Description

The largest pool in the park with a beach with 3 islands and a beach and of course a beach bar

The pool covers 5,000 square metres about the size of 2 olmypic size swimming pools, so there is plenty of room. The pool incorporates a wave section and it is surrounded by rocks, waterfalls and geysers.

The waterfall cascades water over the rock face, see photograph.

The geyser is a powerful jet of water that erups out of the pool.

To one side ai the Water Chute Zone

See Location of  Wave pool on our Aqua Natura Map

Wave Pool | Water chutes | Children’s Pool | La Cresta | SPA and Sun Deck

Water chutes, Aqua Natura Water Park

Water chute - Aqua Natura

Water chute - Aqua Natura

Zig Zag - Aqua Natura

Zig Zag - Aqua Natura

Water chutes Description

Always an extemly popular feature in water parks. Aqua Natura has several chutes including

La Cresta

A 15 metre heigh roller coaster style ride that gives the effect of zero gravity as you ride over the central hump in the ride.

You ride on floats for either 1 or 2 people

Black Hole

Plunge into a black tube with strobe effect lighting in this fast tubular chute with a diametre of 1.4 metres and 104 metre long

Adventure River

A 2 metre wide U shaped chute, 123 metres in length & starts at 12 metres, with a fast steep decent.


Zigzag is the Giant Slide that is U shaped, just over a metre wide, 105 metres long & is 12 metres heigh

Zoom around the curves of it's twisting course


4 parallel slides, ideal for a race with your freinds


A U shape slide starting from 14 metres

Speed Hole:

A fast tube chute  where you use a float


A very adventurous free fall style chute.

See Location of Water chutes on our Aqua Natura Map 

Childrens area, Aqua Natura Water Park

Splash Pool - Aqua Natura

Splash Pool - Aqua Natura

A wide variety of children playground equipment is scattered around the kids area

Irregularly-shaped swimming pools

A large pool with and average depth of less than half a meter and less than 1 metre at its deepest

A smaller & very popular Splash pool where water is dumped from the central structure

See Location of Childrens area on our Aqua Natura Map

Sun deck and Spa, Aqua Natura Water Park

Sun deck and Spa, Aqua Natura Water Park

Spa - Aqua NaturaSun deck and Spa

Sun deck and Spa Description

See Location of Sun deck and Spa on our Aqua Natura Map

Aquarium, Aqua Natura Water Park

Ray - Aqua Natura

Ray - Aqua Natura

Aquarium Description

See Location of Aquarium on our Aqua Natura Map

Sea lions, Aqua Natura Water Park

Sealion Show - Aqua Natura

Sealion Show - Aqua Natura

Kid with Sealion - Aqua Natura

Kid with Sealion - Aqua Natura

Sea lions Description

See Location of Sea lions on our Aqua Natura Map 

Restaurants and Picnic area, Aqua Natura Water Park

Restaurant - Aqua Natura

Restaurant - Aqua Natura

Picnic area - Aqua Natura

Picnic area - Aqua Natura

Restaurants Description

See Location of Restaurants on our Aqua Natura Map