Aqualandia Water park Benidorm - Map and Tourist Information

Aqualandia Water park Benidorm Map and Tourist Information.

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This Aqualandia Map shows the location of popular Water park Benidorm . Click the name of the Water park Benidorm in the left column below to highlight the location on the map.

Aqualandia Water park Benidorm Map

Aqualandia, Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

Car Parks  Restaurants

Aqualandia was the original Water Park in Spain and opened in 1985 and it is still one of the largest water parks worldwide and covers 150,000 square metres with additional free parking of 50,000 square metres


Aqualandi has a selection of Restaurants & Fast food  outlets

Car Parks

There are 2 large free car parks just outside the entrance to Aqualandia. These car parks are also used by Mundomar located next door to Aqualandia

Swimming pools and Slides / Rides

A description and photograph of the various swimming pools, slides and rides is given below

Click a thumbnail photo graph to Enlarge

Adventureland - Kids Pool

Aqualandia Adventureland
Aqualandia Adventureland

Aqualandia Adventureland - Kids Pool Description

Adventureland is a paradise for young kids. a shallow water poll, fountains, slides  and lots of floating balls and inflatable's

Sunbathing areas with Sun beds

See Location of Adventureland on our Aqualandia Map

Amazonas - Circular River type Pool

Aqualandia Amazonas
Aqualandia Amazonas

Aqualandia Amazonas Description

Amazonas is a slow moving circular donut shaped river type pool that encircles the Wave Pool area

See Location of Amazonas on our Aqualandia Map

Big-Bang - Thrill Slide

Aqualandia big bang
Aqualandia Big Bang

Aqualandia Big-Bang Description

Big-Bang is the very high and very fast adrenaline rush thrill slide

See Location of Big-Bang on our Aqualandia Map 

Black-Hole - Thrill Slide

Aqualandia Black Hole
Aqualandia Black Hole

Aqualandia Black-Hole Description

Black-Hole a thrill ride for one or two riders into a tunnel of adventure where you can experience the unknown

See Location of Black-Hole on our Aqualandia Map

Laguna- Activity Pool

Aqualandia Laguna
Aqualandia Laguna

Aqualandia Laguna Description

The Laguna Activity Pool requires a little fitness and has assault course features to work those muscles. on the nets , spaced out rings, narrow walkways to test your balance in the Laguna area. Check out you physical fitness in this activity pool area

Sunbathing areas with Sun beds

See Location of Laguna on our Aqualandia Map

Jacuzzi - Pool

Aqualandia Jacuzzi
Aqualandia Jacuzzi

Aqualandia Jacuzzi - Pool Description

This is a massive Jacuzzi combined with a swimming pool. Let the bubbling water or the various cascading showers soothe and relax your body

See Location of Jacuzzi - Pool on our Aqualandia Map

Kamikaze - Thrill Slide

Aqualandia Kamikaze
Aqualandia Kamikaze

Aqualandia Kamikaze - Thrill Slide Description

Kamikaze is a fast thrill slide designed for those who enjoy speed

See Location of Kamikaze - Thrill Slide on our Bar Map 

Mini Zig-Zag

Aqualandia Mini Zig Zag
Aqualandia Mini Zig Zag

Aqualandia Mini Zig-Zag Description

Mini Zig-Zag is a tamer version of Zig Zag and just the thing for adventurous youngsters. The larger adult version is Zig-Zag

See Location of Mini Zig-Zag on our Bar Map

Niagara Waterfall Pool

Aqualandia Niagara
Aqualandia Niagara

Aqualandia Niagara Waterfall Pool Description

Niagara - A large pool with waterfalls cascading into it and caves in the rock face for the adventurous

Sunbathing areas with Sun beds

See Location of Niagara Waterfall Pool on our Bar Map 


Aqualandia Rapidos
Aqualandia Rapidos

Aqualandia Rapidos Description

A thrill ride on inflatable's on fast flowing water through a series of pools connected by slides

Rapidos Location

See Location of Aqualandia Rapidos on our Bar Map

Piscina de Olas - Wave Pool

Aqualandia Piscina de Olas
Aqualandia Piscina de Olas

Aqualandia Piscina de Olas - Wave Pool Description

Very large swimming pool with wave machine to create waves and surf

Sunbathing areas with Sun beds

See Location of Piscina de Olas - Wave Pool on our Bar Map

Pistas Blandas - Racing slide

Aqualandia Pistas Blandas
Aqualandia Pistas Blandas

Aqualandia Pistas Blandas Description

Pistas Blandas has 5 slides next to each other so that  friends can have a race

See Location of Pistas Blandas on our Bar Map

Splash - Racing slide

Aqualandia Splash
Aqualandia Splash

Aqualandia Splash Description

Splash is similar to Pistas Blandas but giving a different ride

See Location of Splash on our Bar Map


Aqualandia Zig Zag

Aqualandia Zig-Zag Description

Zig-Zag has 5 different slides that twist and turn around each other, try all 5 to achieve maximum excitement. Mini Zig-Zag is designed for younger members of the family

See Location of Zig-Zag on our Bar Map 

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