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Terra Natura Wildlife Park Map Benidorm

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Terra Natura Wildlife Park Zoo, Costa Blanca, Spain

is a state of the Art Zoo of 320,000 square meters, where you can see the animals without visible barriers between you and the animals, heightening the viewing experience

Terra Natura has more than 1500 animals from 200 fabulous species, and even more specimens of trees, plants & shrubs.

Location of Terra Natura & How to get there

Terra Natura is located:

  • 5 kilometres inland from Benidorm's Old Town and next to it's sister attraction Aqua Natura and 1.5 kilometres east of  rival attraction Terra Mitica.
  • 1 minute from the AP-7 motorway exit 65, or the N-322 main road

The park is divided into 4 zones

  • Entrance area
  • America
  • Asia
  • Pangea

See Location of Terra Natura on our Terra Natura Map 

Entrance area of Terra Natura

Terra Natura Entrance

Terra Natura Entrance

Entrance area of Terra Natura Information

  • Outside the entrance are large Car Parks
  • From the entrance looking straight forward looms Tetta Natura's Volcano

See Location of Entrance of Terra Natura on our Terra Natura Map 

Poisonous Creatures & Nocturnal animals under the Volcano

Terra Natura Snake
Terra Natura Snake

Poisonous Creatures Information

This is the area where plants & animals defend themselves with poisons. from the informative signs discover how these poisons work and about antidotes.

Inside the Volcano the lighting is subdued which highlights the well lighted glass fronted display cabinets containing an array of poisonous animals & insects including tarantula spiders, scorpions, venomous snakes, poisonous lizards, & highly coloured frogs.

Also in this area are Nocturnal animals

Please note that tapping the cabinets & the use of flash photography is not allowed with some of the cabinets

Located under the Volcano

America Farm - America area

Terra Natura Goats
Terra Natura Goats

Terra Natura Goats Information

A children's favourite with it's alpacas, goats, guinea pigs & llamas

Rhinoceros - Asia area

Terra Natura Rhinoceros
Terra Natura Rhinoceros

Rhinocero Information

The park has 2 Rhinos. named Nisha & Shiwa and they like to soak themselves in the pool, this is a form of protection from parasites who lay eggs in the deep skin folds.

See Location of Rhinoceros on our Terra Natura Map

Elephants - Asia area

Terra Natura Elephants
Terra Natura Elephants

Terra Natura Elephants Information

Elephants are vegetarian and eat pasture plants like grass and other vegetable matter including shrub & tree leaves and twigs. They have the longest pregnancy of any animal and it lasts 22 months. baby elephants weigh approximately 100 kilograms.

Entrance   America Farm    Elephants    Poisonous Creatures   Rhinoceros   Tigers   Restaurants

See Location of   Elephants on our Terra Natura Map

Tigers - Asia area

Terra Natura Tigers
Terra Natura Tigers

Terra Natura Tigers Information

The tiger is the largest feline and the 3rd largest carnivore following the polar bear and grizzly bear

See Location of Tigers on our Terra Natura Map

Restaurants & Food

Food, restaurants are available in the following areas

  • The village of the sun (Kalicameni) based on the greek town of Santorini with it's Dimitris Taverna or Estiatorio Ayios Nikolaos the goumet restaurant in the white washed church.
  • The village where you are welcome (Namastepur) based on a rural village in Rajasthan, India taste the delights of the Indian tea house or the self service Garam Masala'
  • Rhyolite located next to the volcano in the Pangea area
  • The 3 restaurants in the America Zone have a Mexican style of cuisine

    See Location of   Restaurants on our Terra Natura Map