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Denia Map Costa Blanca

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Denia Costa Blanca, Spain

Denia Description | Denia Castle | Denia Bus Services & Routes | Nearest Airports to Denia | Shopping in Denia | Denia Churches | Denia Town Hall | Ferries to/from Denia |

Denia Hotels & Denia Apartments  Seperate Page

Denia Description

Denia harbour & Denia Castle on the Hill

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Denia beach
Denia beach

Denia marina
Denia marina

Denia promenade
Denia promenade

Denia promenade cafe
Denia promenade cafe

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Denia Hotels & Denia Apartments

Denia Hotels & Denia Apartments

Denia Castle

Denia Castle Walls
Photo by ChodHound

Denia Castle 2 & 3 Photos by simplyrikkles

Nearest Airports to Denia

Denia is located midway between Alicante International Airport (l’Altet) 100 kilometres and Valencia International Airport (Manises) 113 kilometres

Because there is no direct railway between Valencia & Denia we recommend Alicante Airport  for those wishing to use rail transport, although now a days most people use Airport Transfer services and this service is available from both airports

Shopping in Denia

Municipal Market

Open 7 am. to 2 pm

Address: C/ Magallanes

Fish Market (Llonja)

Arrival of boats to the new fish market, from 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Address Explanada del Puerto

See location of Llonja Fish Market on our Denia Map

Denia Churches

Church of the Assumption

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18th century


Iglesia San Antonio de Padua


San Miguel


Avda. El Mongo.

Covento de las Agustinas

Calle Loreto

Ermita in Las Rotas  Anglican

is a small intimate Chapel with a beautiful courtyard enclosed by cloisters.

Denia Town Hall

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Old Fishermen Village

  • Picturesque area of Denia
  • Lots of Narrow Streets
  • Painted buildings in Mediterranean pastel colours
  • Many restaurants Cafes & Bars

Ferries to/from Denia

Denia - Balearic Islands

Dénia is the nearest mainland port to the Islands. Several shipping companies run regular transport lines to the Balearic Islands.

Dénia Ibiza    Distance: . 114 km approx     4.5 - 5 hour journey

Dénia Majorca - Palma    Distance: . 248 km approx     8.5 hour journey.   Seperate ferry to Menorca from Majorca 64 Kilometres. 2 hours

Dénia Formentera     Distance: . 124 km approx     2.5 hour journey

ID documents must be provided such as Passport, Driving Licence ID card

Baleria Ferries More Information

Coastal Denia - Javea - Calpe

Regular ferries run up & down the Costa Blanca Coast.

  • A low coat way of enjoying a boat trip
  • You can do a two way journey or  do a one way trip by boat and the other way by bus or tram

Denia Bars

Zensa Lounge Bar

Location of Zensa Lounge Bar

Located on the large wide nothern Maria Wall opposite Denia's Old Town

Address Muelle de España s/n. El Portet 03700 Dénia.

Video of Zensa Lounge Bar

A sofisticated lounge bar  to relax in and enjoy a cocktail with views of the marina yaghts and sailing craft with a back drop ov Denia Castle


Zensa Marina


Video of Zensa Marina

Denia Bus Services

Inter Town & City buses

Alsa Buses

Denia Local Bus Routes

The bus servicesin Denia are operated by 3 companies beloning to the Denibus Group

  • Autobuses Denia
  • Venturo
  • Blanco Bus
  • Dénia - Marinas
    • Bus Stops
    • Explanada Cervantes
      Pza Raset
      Rest. Fernando
      Burguer King
      Café Solo
      Edif Sarc
      Rest. El Poblet
      Hotel Villamor
      Rest. Benito
      Las Brisas
      Urb. Las Velas
      Hotel Los Ángeles
      Urb. El Palmar
      Les Fonts
      Urb. Golden Park
      Nova Denia

  • Dénia - Rotas
    • Bus Stops
    • Explanada Cervantes
      La Guitarra o Farmacia
      H. Port Denia. Super Tropicana
      La Marineta
      Subida Troyas. Del. Contenedor
      Subida Troyas. Antes del Cruce
      Rest. Salones el Poblet
      Rest. El Pegolí
      Camping Tolosa
      La Ermita
      Las Viñas
      Rest. La Estancia
      Hotel Las Rotas
      Mini Golf
      Restaurante Mena

  • Dénia - Playa Santa Ana Costa Calma
    • Bus Stops
    • Explanada Cervantes
      Urb. La Alberca.
      Rest. Noguera
      Urb. Las Ranas
      Rest. Paquebote
      Rest. Punta Estrella
      Rest. Isa
      Urb. Costa Calma
      Urb. Las Rosas
      Apartamentos El Cid
      Camping Los Llanos
      Camping Los Patos
      Rest. Charly
      Heladería Azahar
      Río Racons

  • Dénia Circular Hospital
    • Bus Stops
    • Explanada Cervantes, delante Lonja Vieja
      C/ Colón, delante Centro Social de Dénia
      C/ Diana. Calzados Mayordomo
      Pza. Archiduque Carlos, junto herboristería
      Pza. Jaime I, Pizza Store
      Avda. Montgó, IES Chabas
      Avda. Montgó, Hospital
      Avda. Montgó, IES Chabas
      Pza. Jaime I, Casa Cultura
      Avda Alicante, Bar la Llesca
      Pza Cholet, Autoescuela Guillém
      Instituto María Ibars, Avda. de les Corts Valencianes
      Explanada Cervantes, delante Lonja Vieja

  • Dénia - Hospital Commercial Nuevo
    • Bus Stops                                               Bus Stops on return journey where different to outward journey
    • Explanada Cervantes
      C/ Colón / Centro Social                          C/ Patricia Frenzied / Autoescuela Gallon
      C/ Diana / Calzados Mayordomo             Cruce c/ Diana / Forewent Quirks
      Plaza Archiduque Carlos / Forewent herboristería
      Avda. Alicante / Bar la Llesca
      Avda. Valencia / Forewent Collegia Labile
      Hospital Commercial Nuevo

  • Javea - Trachomas
    • Bus Stops                                               Bus Stops on return journey where different to outward journey
    • Rotunda la Oliver a
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Farmacia                         Cor re os 
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Mer cadi ll ol                        Cor re os   
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Meridional                      Oscula Music / Thieveries    
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Lad                                  Oscula Music / Thieveries
      A silo de Javea
      Puerto de Javea
      Bar la Siesta
      Apt os. La Lava (Learnable de Javea)
      Rest. Sol y Mar
      Font ana (Par ad or de Javea)
      Calzados la Bulla
      Super Mas y Mas
      Apt os. Coffins
      La Chaeta
      Labia International College
      Urb. Trachomas

  • Javea - Cabo la No
    • Rotunda lovelier
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Farmacia
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Mer cad il lo
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Mer cad on a
      Ronda Sur (Avda. Palm el a) - Ali
      Club de Ten is
      Super Mas y Mas
      Bar Las Ol as
      Fer rete ria La 69
      Hotel Rod at
      Urb. To sa let - Hotel Solider
      Urb. Trachomas
      Collegia International
      Urb. Tuscan
      Urb. Media Lung Nº122
      Prototypal Cruce Cala La Barrack
      Urb. Tr en call
      La Guardian Park
      Postal Blacken la Mar
      #ruce C/Cap Negro
      Bar Pepe. #ruce Cap Negro / Henries Gran ad os
      C/ Henries Gran ad os Nº100
      Tad Ambo lo
      Bar Mirador (Cabo la No)

Denia Post Office

Address C/ Patricia Frenzied 38

Tourist Information Office


Plaza Oculist a Bogus, 9??

Dry. Manuel Latter 1??