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Terra Mitica Map Benidorm

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Terra Mitica, Benidorm, Spain

Terra Mitica Theme Park s probably Benidorm's top attractionwith its 5 Ancient Mediterranean themed areas - Greece, Iberia, Egypt, Rome , The Islands

Greece (Grecia)

Labyrinth Minotaur Terra Mitica

Labyrinth Minotaur Terra Mitica

Tritons Fury Terra Mitica

Tritons Fury Terra Mitica

Icaruses Terra Mitica

Icaruses Terra Mitica

Arriarrix Terra Mitica

Arriarrix Terra Mitica

Titanide Terra Mitica

Titanide Terra Mitica

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur Ride     (El laberinto del Minotauro)

A ride in 5 seat cars where you shoot with lazer guns at targets as you progress through the labarinth Kineto Temple    Templo de Kinetos

Triton's Fury   La Furia de Tritón

The Icaruses Chair-o-Planes  Ride ( Los Ícaros)

The Icaruses ride is a modern version of Chair-o-Planes with a rising and tilting canopy to add an extra thrill to the ride

Junior roller coaster Ride  (Alucinakis)

A junior wooden roller coaster in the style of roman mine carts. For a big brother see Magnus Colossus

Unicorn Childrens ride  (Arriarrix)

Childrens ride on what we would call a

Super thrill ride  (SynKope)

This swinging rotating and tilting wheel on the end of a long arm will certainly rise your adrenaline to a maximum level


See Location of Greece on our Terra Mitica Map 


Red beard pirate show  (Barbarroja)

The top attraction here is the Barbarroja, the red beard pirate show depictinh adventure & fights

See Location of Iberia on our Terra Mitica Map

Egypt (Egipto)

Dances of Karnak Show (Danzas de Karnak)

Flight of the Phoenix Terra Mitica

Dances by the female Priests of Isis

Water Fountain (Oceánidas)

A spectacular water & music showon the temple lake.

Winds of Alexandria Show (Vientos de Alejandría)

More dancing

Say hello to your friends (Saluda a tus amigos )

See Location of Egypt on our Terra Mitica Map 

Rome (Roma)

Magnus Colossus Terra Mitica

Magnus Colossus Terra Mitica

Flight of the Phoenix Terra Mitica


Magnus Colossus

Flight of the Phoenix      El Vuelo del Fénix








See Location of Rome on our Terra Mitica Map

The Islands  (Las Islas)

Carosel (Mithos)

Galloping horses

The Rescue of Ulysses (El Rescate de Ulises)

A soft thrill ride with sounf effects

The Rescue of Ulysses (Rápidos de Argos)

Round bumper boat ride

he Wrath of Akiles (La Cólera de Akiles)

Thrill ride

See Location of The Islands on our Terra Mitica Map


There is a wide range of restauants, cafes, bars, fast food outlets throughout Terra Mitica.

See Location of Restaurants on our Terra Mitica Map