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Tram StationTram Station
This Tram Routes Map shows the location of stops & Lines . Click the name of the name in the left column below to highlight the location on the map.

The Tram / Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana ( FGV ) Map of Stations. Lines 1, 3

More Tram Maps & Tram Timetables

Tram Line 4 Alicante Puerta del Mar- Plaza La Coruna

Tram Line 9 Benidorm - Denia

Lines Under Constructon

Extension from Luceros to Multimodal

Tram Timetable Downloads (PDF format)

Tram L1 timetable from Luceros to BenidormDownload

Tram L1 timetable from Benidorm to Luceros   Download

Tram L3 timetable from Luceros to Campello  Download

Tram L3 timetable from Campello to Luceros   Download

Tram 4L timetable Puerta del Mar to  Sangueta  Download

The Costa Blanca Tram \ coastal railway between Alicante & Denia

Tram also known as the Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) who ran this narrow gauge railway


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Alicante Tram Stations information 
La Marina  Luceros   Marq  Mercando (Market)   Multirmodal Train Station  Puerta de Mar

Diesel trains operate from Benidorm to Denia
Replaced by modern electric Trams Alicante to Benidorm where the line has been electrified.
The Tram / Ferrocarril de la Generalitat Valenciana ( FGV ) is the local Narrow Gauge coastal railway for the Costa Blanca, running from Alicant (Alicante) to Denia via Benidorm and other Costa Blanca resorts

Overview of the Tram / Fgv Railway

TramThe Tram, Tram Metropolitano de Alicante, is the modernised electrified section of the line that runs from central Alicant (Alicante) to Benidorm.

FGVThe FGV was the older diesel train section of the line that runs from Benidorm to Denia, now the entire line has been electrified and usually Trams are used in place of the Diesel trains

  • The system runs on a smaller gauge railway line
  • From Alicante to Benidorm the track is electified with overhead wire and trams have replaced the deisel trains
  • From Benidorm to Denia the trains are still diesel.
  • For jouneys that pass through Benidorm passengers have to change between tram and train which are normally on adjacent tracks.
    • The times of the Denia train are timed to those of the Alicante Tram, but they are less frequent.
    • There is a Cafe/Bar at Benidorm station if you have to wait.

Please NOTE:

  • Inside the tram are illuminated signs which indicate the next stop, there is usually also a verbal announcement, a good chance to improve your pronunciation of Spanish towns.
  • When on tram signal the driver you wish the tram to stop at the next stop - Press the Yellow Button, near the door - note The button and a sign in the carriage illuminates when this has been done.
  • Press the Green button to open the doors
  • A separate rail network from the FGV is the RENFE national railway who's trains run from a separate station connecting Alicante to the rest of Spain excluding the Costa Blanca north of Alicante which is covered by the FGV tram network. 

Alicant (Alicante) - Benidorm - Denia tram / train is a private small gauge railway

  • 30 minute service between Alicant (Alicante) and Benidorm
  • Hourly service between Benidorm and Denia.

The Alicant (Alicante) - Denia line runs for 97 km along the northern coast of the province of Alicante and has 51 stations or stops

Click images for larger Photographs

Tram on left, Diesel train on right

Tram interior
Interior of the modern Tram

Adverts on Tram side
Adverts on side of Advert Tram. The paint is applied in dotts allowing passengers to see out

Tram Stations Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 4L & 9   Tram Line 1 Tram Line 2 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 4 Tram Line 4L Tram Line 9

Tram Line 1 Line 1 Alicante-Luceros to/from Benidorm

  • Line 1 operates every 30 minutes from between Alicante-Luceros, via Alicante -Mercando and Benidorm.
  • This train has limited stops in the Alicante suburbs between Mercando and Venta Lanuza.
    • Interchange stations between Lines 1, 3 & 4 are Mercado, Marq, La Isleta, Lucentum
    • Additional Interchange stations between Lines 1 & 3 are El Campello, Venta Lanuza
  • Every other tram is timed to connect with the Benidorm - Denia Line 9 diesel Train
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Line 1 to 4 are currently being extended beyond  Luceros to the Multimodal interchange at the Renfe station.
  • The additional extension to Alicante airport is currently on hold

Alicante - Benidorm

Every 30 min's

La Isleta
El Campello
Venta Lanuza
Vila Joiosa
Costera Pastor
Hospital Vila
Hiper Finestrat
Terra Mitica
Bus route 01 from Benidorm Tram station to central Benidom, Levante and Aqualandia approximately every 15 minutes. Connections to other bus routes in Benidorm

Line 1 is shown as a Red Line on our Tram Map

Tram Line 1  Tram Line 2 Alicante-Luceros  - San Vicente del Raspeig

  • An alicante Local line
  • Approximatly every 15 minutes over 14 hours a day
  • TicketRequired for Areas: A
  • Journey time Luceros - 26

Alicante-Luceros (Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Mercado (Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4)

MARQ - CASTILLO (Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4)

At the moment the following stops are not on our maps

La Goteta- Plaza Mar 2

Bulevar del Pla Garbinet


Maestro Alonso

Gastón Castelló

Virgen del Remedio

Ciudad Jardín

Santa Isabel

Universitat  ( University)

Sant Vicent del Raspeig (End of Line)

Tram Line 3  Tram Line 3 Alicante Luceros - Venta Lanuza

  • Tram Line 3 uses the same tracks as Line1 but stops at ALL stations
  • Trams are every 30 minutes as far as El Campello, and hourly beyond to Venta Lanuza
  • Interchange stations between Lines 1, 3 & 4 are Mercado, Marq, La Isleta, Lucentum
  • Additional Interchange stations between Lines 1 & 3 are El Campello, Venta Lanuza
  • See line 1 for additional information about the Multimodal interchange extension to this UNDER CONSTRUCTION line

Mercado Marq
La Isleta
Les Llances
Pla Barraques El
Campello Camping C.B
Poble Espanyo
Coveta Fuma
Venta Lanuza

    Line 3 is shown as a Yellow Line on our Tram Map

Tram Line 4  Tram Line 4 Alicane-Luceros - Playa de San Juan district

  • Tram Line 4 Coastal Zone (Zona Costa) trams run every 30 minutes. When trams reach the large rectangular loop they only run in an anticlockwise wise direction see details in the  List of Tram stations
  • Interchange stations between Lines 1, 3 & 4 are Mercado, Marq, La Isleta, Lucentum

Every 30 min's

Mercado Marq 
La Isleta
Mirian Blasco
Sergio Cardell
Av. Naciones
Cabo Huertas. Start One way anti clockwise loop
Av. Benidorm for Playa de San Juan Londres
Plaza La Coruna for Playa de San Juan Londres
Instituto for Playa de San Juan Londres & Tourist Information
Paises Escandinavos
Holanda. End One way loop. Next stop Av. Naciones

Line 4 Tram Map

Tram Line 4L  Tram Line 4L Alicante Puerta del Mar - Playa de San Juan district

A branch line that runs along Alicante Sea Front

Alicante Puerta del Mar (Port)

La Marina

Sangueta. Where you can change lines to go either

  • North eg Benidorm
  • North East eg The beautiful beach of "Playa de San Juan Londre"
  • South West to Central Alicante

Tram Line 9  Tram Line 9 Benidorm - Denia

  • Tram Line 9 is an hourly service between Benidorm and Denia. Line 9 that connects with every other Line 1 service to Alicante

    Line 9 is shown as a Gray Line on our Line 9 Tram Map

Tram Stations and Tram stops in central Alicant (Alicante)

There are several tram station and a tram stops in central Alicant (Alicante). £ stations are underground similar to a small London Tube Station

Mercado Tram Station Tram Line 1 Tram Line 2 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 4 - Underground

Tram Mercado Ticket Barriers
Tram Mercado Ticket Barriers

Mercado- Central Alicante, - . Interchange station
Tram Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4

Mercado Tram Station Description

Mercado is spanish for market and the Central Market is 200 metre from the station

This is the main tram station in Alicante and very handy for the old town tourist attractions, This Modern underground tram station used to be the terminus of Line 1 & 3 but  the next station Luceros opened in June 2010. The lines are also being extended to the next tram station which will be underneath the Alicante Railway station

It's unique lobby, accessed from the Rambla, Calle San Vicente or direct entrance from the parking lot of Alfonso X El Sabio. The station has four escalators and two fixed and two high-capacity lifts, which communicate with a large lounge, two terraces, situated 20 meters deep.

From the lobby you will enter also an intermediate plant to be located in, in the future, the TRAM multipurpose room with capacity for 500 people.

Mercado Station had a budget close to 30 million euros.

Local Attractions

Mercado Tram Station Location

At the junction of Rambla de Mendez Nunez & Av. de Jaime I, located underground with entrances located on either side of Av. de Jaime II

See location of Mercado Tram Station on our Tram Map

Marq Tram Station   Tram Line 1 Tram Line 2 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 4 - Underground

Tram Marq Station
Tram Marq Station

Marq - Underground station. Interchange station
Tram Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4

Marq Tram Station Description

Modern underground Tram Station with 2, 80 metre long platforms. The station was named after the nearby MARQ Archaeological Museum

It offers a unique platform 80 meters long and two vestibules. The first is located in the central circular plaza for Dr. Magro roundabout, which has a sunken open-air plaza of about 1500 square meters, and reached by ticket offices/machines located in the streets Doña Violante and Valero Bermejo. There is a lift to ensure accessibility to the station for people with reduced mobility.

Attractions, etc. near this tram stop

Marq Tram Station Location

See location of Marq Tram Station on our Tram Map

Luceros Tram Station Tram Line 1 Tram Line 2 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 4 - Underground tube style station

Plaza de Luceros Alicante
Plaza de Luceros

Current Terminus in Alicante.

Nearest tram station to RENFE Main line Train Station
Tram Lines 1, 2, 3 & 4

Luceros Tram Station Description

The modern underground Tram station, which opened in June 2010, has 4 entrances, a lift and an area for shops. Above ground in the Plaza there are terrace cafe / bars a pleasant place to relax and have a coffee if you have to wait for a tram.

Luceros Tram Station Location

Located underneath Plaza de Luceros, roughly half way between the already open Mercado station and the still to open the tram station at Multimodal Train Station with the surface Renfe Train station

Nearby Places of Interest

RENFE Railway station.

Avenida de Salamanca, Alicante Spain

Destinations Long Distance, Medium distance & Local C-1, C-3 Cercanias Murcia - Alicante local trains

Also see Plaza de Luceros

See location of Luceros Tram Station on our Tram Map

Tram Line 1 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 3 Multimodal Train Station  - Tram station - Underground Under Construction

3 Trains in Alicante RENFE Train Station

Alicante RENFE Train Station
Alicante RENFE Train Station

Multimodal Tram Station Description

When the underground tram station is construction is opened it will give direct access to  the Railway station to .connect with existing RENFE trains at ground level which gives access to the Spanish Railway Network and onto the European Railway network including the Uk via the Channel Tunnel via Paris

Probably Tram Lines 1 to 4 will be extended from Luceros, there current Terminal station, to the Multimodal Tram Station

Multimodal Tram Station Location

Underneath the current Railway Station

There is also discussions of extending the tram system to the airport, but suspect these are on hold in Spain's current financial situation.

More information Alicante Rail Station

The current nearest tram station is Luceros 450 metres away

See Location of Multimodal Tram Station on our Tram Map

Sangueta  Tram Line 1 Tram Line 2 Tram Line 3 Tram Line 4 Tram Line 4L

Sea front Alicante near Isla Marina
Tram Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 4L

Located on Av. Villajoyosa

 Puerto del Mar Tram Stop  Tram Line 4L

Line 4L Sangueta - Puerto del Mar -La Marina

Nearby Attractions

Location of Puerto del Mar Tram Stop

Located on the sea front where Postiguet beach meets Alicante harbour wall with the Melia Hotel on it.

See Location of Puerto del Mar Tram Stop on our Tram Map

 La Marina Tram Station Tram Line 4L

La Marina Tram station
La Marina Tram station

Line 4L Sangueta - Puerto del Mar - La Marina

Every 30 minutes Morning to Mid Evening

Nearby Attractions

Location of La Marina Tram station

Located on the sea at the far end  of Postiguet beach. At the junction of Avenida de Denia and Avenida de Jovellanos

See Location of La Marina Tram station on our Tram Map

La Isleta & Lucentum Main Interchange Tram Stations

La Isleta & Lucentum are the Main Interchange stations. They are the only stations where you can change between the
three lines 1, 2 & 3

Tram Line 1 Tram Line 3  El Campello Interchange Tram Station

El Campello is an .Interchange Tram Station allowing passengers to change between Lines 1 & 3

The journey time El Campello to Alicante Mercado station is

Tram in El Campelo Tram Station
Tram in El Campello Tram Station Tram on the left, older FGV train on the right
Click image for larger Photograph

Tram in station
El Campello Station
Tram on the left, older FGV train on the right

Click image for larger Photograph

Now only Trams use the line between Alicante & Benidorm

See location of El Campello Tram Station on our Tram Map   

Benidorm Tram Station

The railway station is in on the Avinguda De Beniarda, just under 2km inland of Benidorm old town.

Buses to / from the FGV Tram Station

Bus Route 1

The bus stop is just outside the station slightly to the right. The stop is in a one way street so the same stop and bus is used by passengers coming from or going to central Benidorm.

Benidorm Guide

Denia Tram Station

The Tram/Train station in Denia, unlike many Costa Blanca resorts, is near the Sea Front

Getting to Tram stop for FGV Railway to Northern Costa Blanca, Benidorm and Denia from Airport:


Taxis are cheaper than UK prices


Buses to near the Tram stop

C 6 from the Airport to the bus station (Estacion Autobus) (about 45 min's)

The rail station is about 1km away so take a taxi if you have luggage.

Night Trams (El Tramnochador)

Night trains (El Tramnochador meaning Tram Night Owl) run Thursdays Fridays & Saturday nights in July, August and early to mid September.

The main nightlife areas are:

  • Alicante, Campello, Beach of San Juan discotheques -
    There are around 11 trams through the night between
    • Alicante & El Campello and a further 11 between
    • Alicante & AV. NACIONES

  • Benidorm only 2 trams continue to Benidorm


Download PDF Timetables

Tram Extention northwards through Alicante suburbs

Line extention from stations

The following stations are being built:

Fare Price & Fare Concessions

Fare prices are reasonable and discount Concessions are available for:

  • EU Pensioners including Uk - 65 year old and over - Must show passport to prove age

Lemon Express

The lemon Express used to use very old railway carriages for it's journey between Benidorm & Gato de Gordos FGV railway tourist train attraction has been taken out of service.  Although the same journey can be made on the modern comfy trams

RENFE national railway network. Costa Blanca to the rest of Spain by train

For rail transport to the rest of Spain use the RENFE national railway network. RENFE stations in the area are at Alicante, Cartagena, Dullera, Murcia, Valencia and Xatiua

Alicante has 2 RENFE stations

Estacion F.C. de Madrid
Estacion de Murcia

Note Most of the Costa Brava, including Benidorm is by passed by the RENFE national railway.

The Euromed (plus other slower trains)

Connects Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante

Barcelona to Valencia takes under 3 hours.
Barcelona to Alicante about 4hr 45min.

This line goes goes inland and bye passes Benidorm and Costa Blanca

Adult return fares to Valencia from € 53.60
Adult return fares to Alicante from € 68.80

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